Welcome to Bridle Path Homeowners Association! x

Welcome to Bridlepath Homeowners Association

This website has been established for the convenience of the property owners and their guests. Please take time to check out our website where you will find useful information, association events, and issues that affect all the residents in our Bridle Path community.

While a homeowner’s association exists to collect assessments (dues), maintain common areas and enforce the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s), it’s also there to provide a sense of place and a feeling of belonging – it is after all, our neighborhood. While the Board of Directors and the Community Manager may have higher visibility, the residents are the real essence of the community and its true spirit. The volunteers who make up the BPHOA committees work to ensure the Bridle Path quality of life stays intact.

Also through a homeowner’s association, we develop a cohesive group of homeowners, who can raise a voice of importance to the Washoe County government to insure that issues vital to maintaining our lifestyle will be brought to our attention rather than implemented without our knowledge or control.

An active homeowner’s association, good stewardship, responsible planning, and our volunteer participation have given us what other neighborhoods aspire to. All of us can proudly say:  We live in Bridle Path!

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